Retractable Awnings to compliment your lifestyle from sun up to sun down

We stand by our commitment to offer safe, attractive and user-friendly retractable awnings that last for years to come and drastically reduce your energy costs! After all, we have a reputation of more than 100 years to preserve!

Maybe you’re looking to block harmful UV rays outside your child care center or you need to prevent your clothing from fading in your clothing boutique or you’re hoping to enhance the outdoor living space of your home that is on the market. We can help.

By using interactive, state-of-the-art designing tools and top-quality American-made products from the best manufacturers like Toff Industries that set the standard for durability and versatility, we are able to offer you customized retractable awnings in a choice of four different powder-covered colors that can enhance any property and provide the protection you need from the weather and insects. And because we don’t use any third-party companies to get our jobs done during installation, we are in control from start to finish. You can be assured that your new retractable awnings will be seamless extensions of your home or business and will never damage your roof or any other part of your building.

Retractable awnings are mainly for sun control, blocking light and UV rays from both indoor and outdoor living spaces. But we will work with you to determine exactly what you’re hoping to achieve. For instance, features like wind sensors and timers can help optimize the impact our retractable awnings may have on your home or business and your lifestyle. For instance, SolarShield Retractable Awnings from Toff Industries offer you the only lateral arm awning system complete with a spring-loaded shoulder joint to resist the shock from wind load. Regardless of what you choose, we will also help you determine what size and how far it needs to be extended for optimal exposure and results.

At Opdyke Awning, we’re knowledgeable and we’re patient. We realize that making this decision can be a difficult one and that each customer is unique, but we will work diligently with you to find the best shade solution for your situation.